The Flat World and Education…by Linda Darling-Hammond

Linda Darling Hammond 7

Author: Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond


I haven’t read this book, but you can read the first few pages at the link. The book is titled The Flat World and Education: How America’s Commitment to Equality Will Determine Our Future. I plan to read this book, I am going to purchase it soon enough. What I wanted to point out was something on the first page, which again can be seen here. It is not something that Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond says herself, however, she chose to put it in her book, on page 1. It was something that the Hong Kong Education Commission states pertaining to progressing with coming generation of students and the advancement of technology and the change that needs to come with it soon. The suggestion states;

“The 21st century is characterized by the availability of abundant information, advanced technology, a rapidly changing society, greater convenience in daily lives, and keener international competition. In response…our Education Reform should aim at nurturing in the new generation characteristics and abilities capable of meeting the challenges of the new century…Education Reform must be student-focused…to develop the potential and personalities of students. This student-focused spirit underlines the education and curriculum reforms, improvement to the learning environment, and enhancement of teacher training.” – Hong Kong Education Commission, June 2003 (Darling-Hammond, 2010, Page 1)

It is very nice to see the enthusiasm by an education commission. The commission clearly states their points and what needs to be done about it. Their plans, if executed properly, will be more “student focused” (Page 1) and an overall “improvement to the learning environment” (Page 1). I am so happy to read a plan such as this, in Hong Kong, where education is prominent. If many school commissions thought like this, or we helped to think like this, the future on education and learning would go quite smoothly, in my opinion. Dr. Darling-Hammond recognized the importance of this quote. As technology advances, I feel like the age of people who use it becomes lower. For example, has anyone seen 5 year olds use an iPad or an iPod? I feel like children now are growing up with all this new touch technology that will only improve in the future. Technology will continue to be used until the end of time. I think it’s great that China saw this in 2003 and stated what needs to be done to improve current conditions. I hope to see more of this, it excites me to see more of this. This book should be quite interesting and I can’t wait to share what I have read upon completion.



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