Sid Jenkins (Mike Bailey) & Tony Stonem (Nicolas Hoult), the two main characters.

Sid Jenkins (Mike Bailey) & Tony Stonem (Nicolas Hoult), the two main characters.

I recently finished a series from BBC, titled SKINS. It’s about a group of friends from Bristol, England and their “coming of age” year before they can start applying to universities. Though it is a fictional show, it’s very realistic in the sense of it could be almost like a snapshot of an average group of students in England. Some of it is filmed in the school, which is almost already like a college setting. It’s interesting to view other students and their particular scenarios they get themselves in. Above I stated it was very realistic. These students are not “perfect”. They deal with the daily pressures and issues that most High Schoolers have to face during those particular years such as drug abuse, teen pregnancy, relationships, apathy and homosexuality. I encourage anyone mature enough to watch this to check this show out. I’m not writing to summarize the show or to critique it (however, I think it’s excellent). It’s a very artistic and unique show that brilliantly captures this student body counter-culture, if you will, of typical or average students growing up in today’s society. You decide.

DISCLAIMER: I have heard that the American adaption/version of the show is not good at all, many companies are pulling their advertisements from it.


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One response to “SKINS

  • heyamoose12

    I have seen so many commercials for this show but I have not heard anything back about it. I have kind of wanted to see it, (of course my spare time is very limited) I will have to give it a try! 🙂

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