Teaching from the S.O.L.E.

S.O.L.E., of course, meaning “self organized learning environment.”

I watched an excellent T.E.D. Talk today, featuring an educational scientist named Sugata Mitra. He is responsible for many social-educational S.O.L.E. experiments around the world, as explained in the video. His findings were quite enlightening, as well as “heart warming.” As you see in the video above, he performed various experiments where he brought computers in to classrooms in different countries such as South Africa, India, Cambodia and Italy. What he was conduction ultimately lead to “child driven education.” His findings were that, when provided with enough time and effort, children taught themselves how to use a computer for social and education purposes. He gave the classrooms technology as a tool to further education. The computers allowed the students to gather information for questions, talk to their teachers via SKYPE. Basically, he was implementing “co-learning” in to the classrooms that wouldn’t normally have this opportunity. The students achieved educational objectives with the help of Mitra.

Sugata Mitra

He described in the video that one girl actually assumed the role of the teacher, while using the computer to teach her other students what they hadn’t already previously known. By implementing these S.O.L.E.’s, students in parts of the world were able to connect to other parts of the world via the internet.

This was a great documented experiment that literally made me happy. Seeing the students interact and learn was not only fun to watch but it was a great example of what “could be” in the future. These students lives are all changed because of this “tool” they were provided with, that many people (including myself) take for granted: a computer.

With these “tools”, classrooms environments can all be changed for the better. As you will see, if you view this great T.E.D. talk.

An example of a set up S.O.L.E.

What else do people take from this video? Are there any flaws that you recognize, or anything you extracted for yourself? Let me know. As always, thanks for reading.

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