Critical Analysis

I would first like to apologize for the post this late. Second, I would like to address my work done in EDT 400. I have really never taken a computer class that is this in-depth. I have to use my MacBook a lot more, which I am happy about, because I feel like I know the true value of this tool that I can use to promote learning and even learn myself. Going in to the educational workplace, I am constantly reading articles and watching clips of education researchers and blogging about it on here. By doing so, I am sharing what I have learned with everyone, since it is on the internet. I am part of something a lot larger than just myself. I am interconnected in a network of educational researchers and learners. This class has greatly prepared me for possible ‘networks’ that I may join in my life. Previously, I didn’t have any knowledge of the existence of these ‘networks.’ I knew a little about blogging, but not enough to envision myself to do so. I write a lot and always have. With my computer, I can quickly write and transmit any thoughts a lot faster.

As I said above, I like to write a lot. This blog has provided me with an opportunity to write my thoughts about the material. I can share my thoughts with other people. Those ‘other people’ can read and in turn, share their thoughts with myself. Information is constantly being transferred in this network, and I am happy to be a part of this specific one because sharing my writing is something I enjoy doing.

Having an interest in the material certainly helps out a lot as well. I like just about everything I read. I am very interested in furthering education and the measurements and updates of its progression, as it is my future career. I plan to keep up with my blog. I have taken quite a liking to it. By having this be my first blog, I got to know the WordPress website quite well. Blogging is something I am new at however, I enjoy it quite a bit. It could also lead to possible blogging opportunities as it is now becoming quite popular almost everywhere.

I try to post as close to “regularly” as I can, however I have a very busy schedule. I would like to set aside a few days a week to just blog, perhaps before a certain time in the day. I need to be more consistent with my postings bi-weeekly. I am going to shoot for Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would like to post more punctually.

It is stated above that I am interested in the material. I think it shows in my writing and even in my discussions in my EDT 400 class. I have questions about each topic, I have previously looked in to it before discussing in person, or on my blog. I have tried to gain extra information about the subject before I can write an honest anything about it. My most recent piece, Teaching from the S.O.L.E., was very fun for me to write. I watched the Ted TALK (posted in link), and really enjoyed what Sugata Mitra was doing. I had to write about it and share my thoughts. I was so interested in his experiments and happy with the results of the children. He provided opportunities of learning to environments that would not have previously had learning tools.

My piece on Sharism was another passionate blog. I had never heard of it before, and when I saw the word, I read the essay by Mao and was astonished at this evident revolution that is taking place with information sharing on the internet. I was intrigued by this newly named “trade.”

I have a lot of resources to use for help if I needed. The network I am in has plenty of my peers to ask for help via twitter, blog post, FirstClass. Information is also constantly being shared which is helpful to find choices to blog about. Our questions are also answered every Tuesday and Thursdays during our discussions.

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