Project FAQ

1. Project Title:
‘Twitter Revolution: Twitter in the World and, more specifically, the classroom…’

In the classroom?!

2.Project Description: This will be a Wiki, posted on Wikispaces, which will be explaining, showing, using details/examples on how Twitter is recently being used in the world and how it can be implemented in the classroom, and more importantly, the secondary English classroom.
3.Detailed Questions
Why isn’t Twitter used more often in classrooms?
What ways/How is Twitter already used in the classroom?
How is twitter currently being used by the world?
How can Twitter possibly be helpful to students?
Didn’t Twitter cause a revolution… or something?

Twitter Enthusiast art.

4.Main Focuses
This project will illustrate reasons, ideas, examples of Twitter being used in the classroom and around the world. It will provide pros, cons, benefits, lessons on the subject. It will be in Wiki form and displayed on the internet and other Social Media sites (including my Twitter) for others to see/enjoy/learn.
This project will show new ways to learn in the classroom via social networking that the whole world can use. It will show examples of classrooms who already use it and it will show ideas for possible future plans.
6.PRODUCT (Results)
I will prove how Twitter can be an excellent and helpful tool within the classroom and for sharing current events around the world. Students can and will be able to use it in the classroom for fast information and resource sharing via Twitter.


7. Project Stakeholders (who will be involved ie. professionals in the field?)

Teachers, Readers, Students will all be informed about it.

Example of timeline of twitter use in the classroom specifically.

8.Tasks/Activities to complete this project (3 or more)

1. Find more examples/links.

2. Search Classroom 2.0

3. Read educational blogs/journals on the topics.

4. Make Wiki.

5. Share Wiki with world!!

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