Darcus Mesveaux, signing out (for now)

Reflecting on this class, the experience and knowledge I have gained literally baffles me. I had much prior knowledge to the material, programs and tools we used as a class, however, I learned about them a lot more in depth to help me out in the future. Educational technology can be a great way to collaborate and share information via social networking, i.e. Twitter or Faceboook. Technology in education can and will make children want to learn. As the future progresses, children will already be aware of these social networking tools; it is up to the teachers to make the tools available. Technology and especially technology in the classroom is here to make lives easier. It is here to help. It is here to stay.
I value all the useful programs I have learned about. I hope to incorporate them in my own classroom in the future. My project is exactly that. I incorporated a mock twitter classroom trial for everyone to see and use. I hope my work will spark some ideas, wherever they may begin. Technology can do that. It brings the masses together for a positive change towards “tomorrow.” Therefore, I have no qualms with technology in the classroom at all. I value how one can get help in so many different ways using these learning tools via tutorials, YouTube, etc.
Teaching with technology will not be hard to do, since the students will most likely already know a little bit about the tool. Whether they have used it outside school, or hopefully in school already, I feel that the students will be eager to learn with this innovative technology that is at our fingertips. I want to bring this technology to the fingertips of students. I have no qualms with technology being taught, for, in the future, it could literally BE the curriculum. Who knows? We will only find out by being the pioneers today by teaching, sharing, learning-with technology in the classrooms today! Learn progressively, learn innovatively. This is Marcus Desveaux signing out. What a great ride it has been. Though I am signing out for now, I am not signing out for good. I hope to see you all in the future and I look forward to talking to all of you soon. I will post my new blog on here and twitter once I get it going.

Thanks for listening.


My Networking project: http://twitter-in-the-english-classroom.wikispaces.com/

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